Êtes-vous dans une de ces situations ?

  • Sports activities do not arouse any particular passion on your part.
  • Physical exercise is not part of your daily routine.
  • You have tried to engage in sports activities with the aim of losing weight, but the difficulty of this endeavor has discouraged you.
  • You have limited or no experience with physical activity.
  • You feel apprehensive about committing to an exercise program that might not be right for you.
  • It has been many years, even decades, since you last participated in a sporting activity.
  • Your motivation to exercise is currently very low.
  • You tend to reject any initiative aimed at improving your well-being.
  • You have already tried different diets, without obtaining lasting results.
  • The constant fluctuations in your weight, between losses and gains, annoy you.
  • You’ve realized the importance of staying active for your health, but you’re struggling to find the best approach to achieve it.

Best Approach to Achieve it


Our team supports

In order to take charge of your body and measures to combat excess
weight, a sedentary lifestyle or obesity.

3 sessions of 10 minutes per week, guided and
accompanied by your professional coach Florian.

No jumping during the sessions, the movements are controlled and adapted to carry them out in complete safety.

An approach to take concrete steps and finally get started. Training programs offering choices adapted to your current physical condition to promote your progress. Our team supports and encourages you throughout each session.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to encourage the desire to engage in physical activity? What types of workouts are suitable for my fitness level and should be incorporated into my weekly routine?
Benefit from the monitoring and personalized advice of your coach, Florian
is your starting point towards a whole new phase of life.

You find yourself here not only faced with a solution to say goodbye to excess weight and obesity, but above all before an opportunity to achieve healthy weight loss, better

health, and a reconciliation with physical. It acts above all from the key entered to YOUR


  • Reducing your body weight.
  • Improved quality of your sleep.
  • A palpable boost of energy.
  • Beautifying your skin.
  • A reduction in joint discomfort.
  • A restoration of self-confidence.
  • Improving your social relationships.
  • The rediscovery of the pleasure of living.
  • A new desire to undertake exciting projects.

Objectif principals

Main objective of the “Slimming” method is to allow you to start an activity

physical fitness adapted to your current level, promoting weight loss, muscle strengthening, and improvement of your well-being, without requiring prior experience in sport